The Background of Combat Kenpo

Combat Kenpo is not a traditional martial arts style as I believe my safety should not be left in the hands of tradition.

Professor Dix Sifu DavisI developed Combat Kenpo by combining my 46 years of martial arts training with the survival mindset, advanced tactical training, arrest and control techniques, and the realistic street self defense applications that I acquired during my 25 year law enforcement career.  Working for a quarter of a century in law enforcement has taught me that my martial arts had better work because failure to control or overcome a serious threat would not just be a blow to my ego, it could result in serious injury or even death. My ultimate goal was to develop a practical, effective, and simple self-defense system that could be adapted to any situation or student. Using the strong foundation and basics of Kenpo Karate, Kenpo self defense and fighting principles, along with the acquired street survival knowledge of my law enforcement career, I created a unique and practical system of self defense, and martial combat, that allows students to build the skills and confidence necessary to protect themselves against the threats of society.

As a teacher my goal is to train students to identify the threat, whether large or small, and then provide them with the tools necessary to gain a position of advantage and respond to the threat in a proper manner.  A big part of the training is for each student to develop techniques that they can use to stop the opponent as quickly and safely as possible. Through my training and teaching I have devCombat Kenpo Historyeloped many drills that work specific principles of offensive and defensive movements. Utilizing these drills, students practice for every conceivable attack scenario. The benefit of this training is that there will be less hesitation in their response and therefore increase their chances of survival. A byproduct of Combat Kenpo training is health and fitness. When you practice the Daily Warm-Ups, and other drills on a regular bases, you will improve your fitness, and develop the muscle memory needed to keep your martial reflexes sharp.

As a martial artist, I have been privileged to train with many of the top instructors in the United States in Kenpo Karate, as well as several other disciplines of martial arts.  I have been a student of Senior Grandmaster Alemany since 1991. I am a previous owner of what was the oldest Kenpo Karate School in Marin County California, and past president of the Bay Area Chapter of ATAMA (American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts).Combat Kenpo History

I retired as a Special Agent for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in 2008.  During my years in law enforcement, I was a Defensive Tactics Trainer, SERT Team Squad Leader, Rangemaster, and Baton Instructor. I have also worked numerous dignitary protection and threat assessment cases. During my law enforcement career I was fortunate to have worked and trained with some of the most highly trained and streetwise law enforcement personnel in California.

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