Senior Grandmaster Rick Alemany

Senior Grandmaster Rick Alemany has been training and teaching since 1962. He quickly became a skilled fighter and established himself as a champion in the tournament circuit of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. He has earned high rankings in Kenpo Karate, Jujitsu, and Arnis. Grand Master Alemany’s main style is Kenpo Karate with Great Grand Master Ralph Castro as his primary instructor. His expertise further includes Jujitsu instructed by Dr. Duke Moore, Wing Chun instructed by Chris Chan, Modern Arnis (filipino stick fighting) with Grand Master Remy Presas and Grand Master Ernesto Presas, Tai chi with Great Grand Master Tony Ho (Master Ho Nan Jie), Shorin-Ryu with Richard Kim, Kajukenbo with both Brother Abe Kamahoahoa and Grand Master Sid Asuncion.

SGM ¬†Alemany has been featured in magazines, newspaper articles, TV commercials, and was a technical advisor for the fight scenes in a Sam Peckinpaw Film “Killer Elite” starring James Caan. He has won numerous titles and trophies in championship competition. Grand Master Alemany even made a comeback to the tournament circuit at the age of 42. His goal was to win Grand Champion once more before he retired for good. At his first tournament back he won the 35 and over division, then beat the lightweight, middleweight, and the heavyweight champions to take Grand Champion at the 16th Annual Central California Karate Championships, sponsored by Leo Fong and Ron Marchini. He entered 12 tournaments winning three Grand Championships, eleven First places, and one third.

SGM Master Alemany has promoted and developed over 180 Black Belts, out of the 180 Black Belts, 34 opened their own schools, and they promoted and developed close to 500 Black Belts.

Mayor Willie Brown proclaimed August 22nd 1988 “Rick Alemany Day” in San Francisco in honor of his legendary status as a competitor and Martial Arts teacher. SGM Alemany is a co- founder and past president of ATAMA (American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts). He is a Senior Technical Advisor for Kenpo Jujitsu International.

Grand Master Alemany’s philosophy is that Martial Arts can benefit anyone, spiritually as well as physically, without regard to age, gender, race or capability and his job is to teach his students to believe in themselves, and that they can accomplish and be successful in anything they do.

They just have to believe they can and to never give up. His focus on effective competition, self-defense tactics and reality based training make him a highly sought after instructor. Today, together with his wife Simo Margaret Alemany, you can still find him doing what he loves most, teaching. Students and instructors come from all over to enjoy his smile and sincere belief in the Martial Arts training.


10th Degree, Grand Master, A.T.A.M.A., Duke Moore

10th Degree, Shaolin Kenpo, Great Grandmaster Ralph Castro

6th Degree, Kajukenbo, Professor Sid Asuncion

5th Degree, Kajukenbo, Sijo Adriano D. Emperado,
Professor Sid Asuncion, Professor Abraham Kamahoahoa

7th Degree, Modern Arnis, Grand Master Ernesto Presas

3rd Degree, Modern Arnis, Grand Master Remy Presas

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Copyright 2021 © All rights Reserved - Jefrie Dix & Combat Kenpo