Jeremy Brumitt, 1st Degree Black Belt

I grew up in Redmond Oregon with my older brother Jimmy, and my parents Cam and Terry Brumitt.  I have been involved in sports my whole life – starting with soccer as a little kid, to baseball, and then wrestling from elementary school through freshman year of high school. I started track and field (just throwing events) and football in 7th grade and absolutely loved it! I played football all through middle and high school and even a little semi pro for a couple years which resulted in too many headaches and 2 torn acl’s. I had a lot of passion for football. If I wasn’t playing it, I was watching it.

That’s how I currently feel about martial arts and Combat Kenpo. Before meeting Sifu Dix, I had no karate experience whatsoever. The only involvement I had was watching UFC, when I was I kid, back in the Tank Abbott, Royce Gracie and Frank Shamrock days. Oh, and fighting with my brother of course. I’ve never been in a fist fight, but I had anyways wanted to learn martial arts, just in case I ever needed to defend myself or others.

 I met Sifu Dix at a gym called the RAC where my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I were doing high intensity classes called Boot Camp. The class was taught by another Combat Kenpo student and incorporated a lot of kicking and punching.  Jef was also participating in the classes, and it was there that I found out about Combat Kenpo. I really wanted to learn and felt like this was a great opportunity, but Jef wasn’t taking on any new students at that time.

After almost a year of watching me in the Boot Camp class (I was totally uncoordinated), Jef decided to bring me in as his last student. I was ready, eager and excited to learn. We began in 2012 and after 6 years of intense “The Test Is in The Training,” I received my Black Belt!!!  It is by far one of my most proud moments and greatest accomplishments. Jef has not only been an amazing teacher and martial artist, but a great person, friend, and mentor. Everyone in the Combat Kenpo family has been so great, so friendly and so helpful throughout this entire experience. I’ve had such an amazing time, so much fun and it’s been a great learning experience. I feel so privileged, lucky, grateful, and thankful to be a part of the CK family.  I hope to continue and carry on this legacy for as long as I possibly can.

 I currently train with Sifu Dix once a week and I have a student of my own that I also train with once a week.  I still reside in Redmond Oregon with my beautiful and amazing wife Courtney and my 2 wonderful boys Tatum and Logan (future CK Black Belts).


Copyright 2021 © All rights Reserved - Jefrie Dix & Combat Kenpo

Copyright 2021 © All rights Reserved - Jefrie Dix & Combat Kenpo